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How Your Phone System Can Weather The Storm

The STRATA7 Wireless M10R Rugged Handset is a SIP DECT 4-Line Handset – the ideal solution for any business that needs to quickly and easily manage call routing whether they are inside or outside their facility. With a rugged design and locking battery door, the handset is built to survive drops in any busy environment and water resistant so it can last outside even in the rain – meaning your phone system can weather the storm.

Each handset can have its own extension and unique phone number. With four programmable LED backlit line keys on the ruggedized cordless handset, users can easily handle multiple calls using the 4 Line Keys. With the STRATA7 Wireless VoIP system, you can even hold a call and resume it on a different handset or desk set with a single press of a button. No complicated programming required.

Leave your desk without leaving your work behind.

Enjoy DECT 6.0 sound quality and reception, which provides strong protection against wiretapping.

DECT also ensures the best call range while not interfering with wireless routers.

M10R Rugged Handset – Highlights:

  1. Rugged design: built to last, with a locking battery door, water resistant and shock absorption the handset can survive a drop in a busy warehouse environment, or outside in the rain

  2. Generous talk time with seven days standby and nine hours of talk time, you don’t have to worry about needing to charge mid-call

  3. Intuitive design with a user-friendly interface, large backlit display, four programmable line keys, two soft keys and a navigational pad

  4. High-Definition audio quality from the hearing aid compatible headphone jack and full-duplex speakerphone

  5. Range and reliability – with up to 500 feet of range and up to 9 hours of talk time, you’ll stay connected, indoors and out

  6. Clear mobility with DECT 6.0 digital technology

  7. Highly scalable with any combination of up to 10 handsets and desk sets from a single DECT base station

  8. Simplified setup and operation to allow you to focus on your business


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