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Call Centers

STRATA7 Call Center Services Bundle

Effectively handling customer questions, concerns, or problems in a timeframe that keeps customers happy is a challenge for any call center today. Call center managers, supervisors, and agents need easy access to pertinent information to improve efficiency and address operational issues before they negatively impact revenue.


The key to your next successful marketing campaign or the ability to deliver a highly positive customer experience begins and ends with data.


The features and capabilities offered in the STRATA7 Call Center Services Bundle give managers and supervisors the ability to gauge agent performance in relation to customers’ needs.

Key metrics related to Customer Satisfaction:

Average Hold Time – amount of time customer spends waiting for a response for someone to talk to them

Abandon Rate - percent of inbound calls abandoned before an agent speaks to a customer

Average Wait Time - average amount of time calls stay in the queue before

being answered

Missed Calls - the number of calls dispatched to an agent where they didn’t answer causing extra wait time

Calls to Voicemail - number of calls handled by the automated voicemail system

Talk Time - average length of time it takes for agents to resolve customer queries

All metrics are available in real-time or scheduled daily, weekly, and/or monthly as well as in customized graphical reports in real-time.

Key metrics related to Employee Performance:

Speed of Answer/Response - average time it takes agents to answer calls, including those in a queue service

Average Talk Time - how long it takes agents on average to solve a customer query

Calls Handled/Forwarded - number of calls that agents successfully manage themselves versus having to forward to someone else

Agent Idle Time - time spent waiting to answer calls that is not being spent on post call follow up work

Average After Call Work - average time an agent spends between the end of a call and submitting they call disposition

STRATA7 for Call Centers

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