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For Partners

Why Partner with STRATA7?

At STRATA7, we understand the value of partnerships. Our partners are trusted advisors to their clients and to us as well. We have aligned our company goals and aspirations to be Channel First, always! You grow - we grow!

Because of this, our go-to-market strategy is to align ourselves with Channel Partners as an integral part of their business. We offer best-in-class products and services to our partners and clients to enhance their bottom lines. We are committed to delivering top-tier customer and partner support experience to all clients regardless of size.

Certified Partner

Our Certified Partner Program is for partners who desire a true partnership in growth. Training is required. Our partners can expect teamwork, loyalty and integrity from every level of our organization. Partners will provide sales support and on-boarding support along with Level 1 customer care when needed.


  • Competitive no-hassle residual commissions for the
    life of the client

  • Dedicated Channel managers and support

  • Certification training and development

  • Pre- and Post-Sales Assistance

  • Business planning, funnel maintenance assistance,
    and sales cycle analysis

  • Vertical market training

  • Sales technique training

  • Simple and easy-to use-and maintain product line

  • Strategic alliances with vendors and manufacturers

  • Increased retention of clients who use our products

  • Events and roadshows for continued knowledge and networking

  • Demo accounts and discounted in-house accounts for partners

  • Demo assistance to close opportunities

  • Access to best-in-class hardware through our vendor relationships with great pricing

  • Competitive hardware rental and purchase program

Office Worker
Certified Partners

Referral Partner

Our simple Referral Program is for partners who are interested in a little extra incentive for bringing an existing contact or client to our services.


  • Bring in the referral and we will take it from there!

  • Quick, easy one-time payment incentive after first full month paid invoice

  • Reassurance that every client interaction is handled with the utmost care

Referral Partners

Integration Partner

We have partnered with companies around the world to integrate our hosted VoIP solutions, so our clients have the best experience when utilizing our products. This allows us to offer our clients a more complete solution and features like Click to Call and Screen Pops. We are currently integrated with over 75 of the most popular B2B platforms through our Chrome extension; STRATA7 CONNECT.



  • Larger clientele base especially in vertical markets

  • Better retention

  • Access to an extensive partner base for on-site support

Integration Partners
Become A Partner

Become a STRATA7 Certified Partner

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