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How CRM Integration for Business Equals Efficiency

Integrating a company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system with the STRATA7 business telephone system does much more than adding phone capabilities and control to the call center agent interface. It also enables capabilities that are at the very core of running an effective and efficient call center. CRM Integration for business efficiency can be impactful from day one – Call center agents and supervisor desktops are made more efficient with CRM Integration and can improve the customer experience and make agents more productive.

Here are some examples of how:

  1. Call routing: CRM Integration facilitates data-directed call routing, performed by the auto-attendant (AA) or automatic call distributor (ACD) – Using data collected from an incoming call together with customer data from a company CRM system, calls can be routed to the agent that is best skilled to fulfill the needs of the caller

  2. Click to Dial: Search your CRM for the contact you’d like to call, and connect with one click

  3. Note Taking and Tagging: Post notes and tags to contact records in the CRM

  4. Integrated Reporting and Billing: Log billable time for client accounts with detailed reporting

  5. Screen Pop: Incoming and Outgoing Call pop on your desktop with CRM contact record details

  6. Automatic Call Logging: Automatically log incoming and outgoing calls even when you’re not in the CRM

  7. Automatic record creation: Integration with CRM applications also means that call records can be automatically added to a customer’s CRM record. That also includes links to call recordings

  8. Call monitoring: CRM Integration enables supervisors to monitor, i.e. listen in to live calls, so they can assist if necessary

  9. Mobility: Log calls from mobile devices and smartphones

CRM Integration from STRATA7 unifies your corporate phone system with the cloud-based applications that your business uses every day. By connecting your STRATA7 business phone service to your CRM applications, we help you increase efficiency and productivity with no complicated deployments or software to download. Our CRM integration integrates seamlessly with CRM apps like Salesforce®, HubSpot®, Google for Work®, Clio®, Zoho®, Zendesk®, and over 70 more providers, giving your team access to advanced cloud phone features within your CRM application.

With CRM Integration from STRATA7, you can make, receive, and log calls without ever leaving your CRM. Incoming and outgoing calls are synced with contact records located in your CRM and desktop call routing allows team members to route calls to others inside your organization without even picking up the phone. It’s time to make your cloud phone system and CRM work better together with CRM Integration from STRATA7.

Clearly, CRM Integration is vital to delivering an excellent customer experience, allowing agents to personalize contacts and providing quick access to customer history. It also improves efficiency by automating several agent tasks. For businesses to remain competitive and relevant in the new world of remote workforce, CRM integration with a cloud-based telephony platform like STRATA7 is a must.


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