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7 Great Reasons to Upgrade Your Key Phone System to VoIP

STRATA7 makes upgrading easy and efficient for small businesses currently using outdated and unsupported key phone systems. Here’s how:

  1. Low (or now) up-front cost Our pricing helps small business stay lean in the early stages of their technology upgrade process.

  2. Features that support your mobile workforce See our breakdown of features specific to your mobile or remote workforce needs.

  3. No expensive cabling needed With VoIP, your installation is as easy as plugging in a router.

  4. Simplicity – Savings – Service – (Plus easy training) STRATA7 provides a straight-forward, packaged solution to help keep your costs low – plus our training and support to keep you running your business.

  5. No more obsolete equipment in your IT closet You’ll reduce your legacy equipment maintenance with a technology upgrade to VoIP.

  6. Real-time capture of call records, text messages, and voicemail See all of your communications in one centralized location – on all your devices.

  7. Take the fear out of upgrading and modernizing your business STRATA7 is your guide to a seamless, effective upgrade process from your existing key system to a modern, scalable VoIP business solution.


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