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Adopt These 4 Technologies to Transform Your Business

Transforming a business into a lean, streamlined operation is hard when you’re busy working in the business. Take 5 minutes to read up on some technologies you may have heard of, but haven’t had the time to investigate fully. Adopt these 4 technologies to transform your business:

  1. VoIP Capabilities (Why it’s better than your land line.) In a fast-paced retail environment, phone interactions are critical to your customer’s positive experience. Sure – you could handle a certain number of calls on your current land line or mobile phone. But if you’re handling more than one call at a time for a variety of inbound inquiries, you should consider developing automated ‘pathways’ for your callers to reach their desired answers. Consider adopting a VoIP solution that is configurable to your key business activities – and keep revenue flowing and costs under control.

  2. The STRATA7 Mobile App Your employees are your ‘front line’ in building your business, bringing in new accounts, and retaining existing customers. If you’re starting to expand your technology solutions, it’s likely you’re using both company-owned phone equipment (desk phones, handsets, etc.) as well personal mobile devices. Your employees prefer to bring these mobile devices into your business – and leave your business with them, too. This is where the security of your valuable business data is most at risk. With the New STRATA7 Mobile App: you can protect company-owned data on your employee’s mobile devices by installing the STRATA7 dedicated mobile app. With the introduction of STRATA7 Mobile App added to any mobile device, you integrate that device securely into your company phone system, capturing your business data (texts, contacts, call detail records and call recordings, if applicable) in the event the employee leaves your organization.

  3. Integrated Teams Approach (Virtual workforce for ‘remote office’ productivity) ‘Working remotely’ is now standard operating procedure for most businesses. Keeping your teams productive during this new practice? That’s the ongoing challenge. If you’re one of those businesses that must continually adapt to remote working, you should seriously consider bringing in a platform that keeps your team members connected, informed, and engaged – to maintain productivity. Because ‘Virtual office hours’ are ‘remote teams’ are here to stay. The STRATA7 platform can now be directly integrated with Microsoft Teams to bring new and productive features to your remote workforce. We turn the Microsoft Teams soft client into an endpoint on our network utilizing your employees’ current extension. You can now have the full STRATA7 Unified Communications and Collaboration features available directly from any device running Microsoft Teams.

  4. Caller Data & POS Integrations (Building Better Experiences for Your Customers) When customers call in to your business, are you referencing all of the available data about them to properly greet them and make recommendations or suggestions? Your point-of-sale system captures customer data all day long. The same is true for STRATA7 VoIP Caller ID. What if the two systems knew about one another, shared data, and presented it to your team members so they can serve customers more effectively? Wait no longer – this is the integration STRATA7 has created for its customers who currently use Clover, Toast, or NCR-Aloha POS and want even more capability to bring better experiences to their return customers.


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