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Responsive Tech: Manage Your Medical Office Phone Systems With Ease

Handle More Calls on a Single Line

Medical office phone systems play a crucial role in providing fast, efficient response to patients and caregivers seeking health and wellness support. Often times when a caller is asked to hold or receive a call back, this creates tension and frustration. At each step of the patient experience, there is an expectation from healthcare professionals that their communications tools and systems will perform without complications or lost connections.

Phone systems have advanced in recent years using VoIP connectivity solutions – with the technical capability to transform your current calling process into an efficient experience for both you and your patients.

Anti-Bacterial Handsets for Medical Practices

Anti-Bacterial Handsets, Standard

You’re constantly cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in your medical practice. Take the same precautions with anti-bacterial handsets and desk sets – an essential component to any medical office environment. These handsets are available now through STRATA7 Technologies.

Less time on hold, more time getting help

Unified communications solutions for medical office phone systems provide flexibility, giving you a true ‘triage-approach’ to calls. With AutoAttendant integrations, you can offer your callers several options to choose from before speaking with your front desk or medical assistant.

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Recorded greetings aren’t new, but the capabilities ARE definitely improved

With patient instructions and processes changing all the time, the pre-recorded messages you share with your callers are an essential tool for delivering timely, accurate updates with your patients and their families.

Respond to these changes quickly with daily or weekly recorded options for your callers to listen to – at any stage of their calling experience. If you’ve had frustrations with your medical office phone systems in the past, STRATA7 can help guide you through the process of updating these recordings and auto-responses.

VoIP capabilities for Medical Office Teams

Calling your patients before an appointment used to be reserved just for reminders, rescheduling, and follow-ups (that seems like a lot just on its own). Today (during COVID-19 protocols), just getting patients from their cars to your office requires significant phone calling or text messaging logistics.

With new advancements in VoIP technologies for small staff and multi-disciplinary teams, calls can be auto-directed based on one initial triage or prompt from the pre-configured set of options. This is all done using VoIP – not a multi-line switch or complex phone solution.

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About Strata7

We provide the unified communications services you need to succeed in this ever-changing, dynamic business environment where the ability to work remotely – and efficiently – is now more important than ever.

The STRATA7 approach to business communications includes our unified platform of cloud-based voice, mobility, video, presence, collaboration and analytics solutions – all combined with certified tools, services, security and the people to make your company’s communications easy to manage and less expensive to operate.


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