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For businesses that want the advantages of modern VoIP technology but the simplicity of phones past, the new STRATA7 Wireless VoIP Key System factors in ease-of-use – bringing Key Line Emulation (or KLE) back in a new way. KLE mode allows users to answer a call on one handset, put it on hold and then answer that same call on another handset. 

The STRATA7 Wireless VoIP Key System phones are perfect for small businesses that need an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use wireless communication system. Ideal for small businesses, restaurants, and retailers, the base station provides wireless flexibility and scalability for growing businesses. It supports a combination of up to 10 wireless handsets and desk sets and handles up to 4 concurrent calls with 4 easy-to-use line keys and a hold button!

Improve call handing and eliminate training time thanks to programmable LED line keys and multi-line functionality on the cordless handsets and desk set. Users can easily answer, transfer and/or place a call on hold with the simple press of a button – all without the need to enter the phone’s software menu.


Plus, intercom and paging features allow employees to connect quickly and seamlessly throughout the shop. The Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology allows users to roam freely with up to 500 feet or range without losing connection, ensuring the best call range while not interfering with WiFi or other wireless networks.  

STRATA7 for Small Office

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