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Save Time, Reduce Cost

Time Recovered.
Costs Reduced. 

Many companies have resisted replacing their aging, outdated Key Systems due to cost, complexity and employee training that more modern PBX or VoIP solution requires. The difficulty companies face in trying to hang on to these outdated Key Systems is that many systems are no longer supported by the manufacturer, and parts and qualified service technicians are becoming more expensive and harder to find.

STRATA7 Technology has just rolled out a new Key-System that brings your company the best of both worlds! 

The new STRATA7 Wireless VoIP Key System allows customers to keep the features they love; like line keys and a hold button, while bringing the aging technology and features up to date. The cost associated with replacing a traditional phone system can be minimized using the STRATA7 solution. There is no expensive box in your phone closet to replace and using the phone rental option, the cost to change can be minimal. 

STRATA7 for Time Savings, Cost Reduction

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