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Create valuable retail experiences
through unified communications.

Successful retailers know the value of customer service and customer attention. Keeping a customer is far more cost effective than recruiting and onboarding new ones. If you unify your communication from the outset, the rest falls into place.

Maximize every opportunity

The key in today’s changing marketplace is to swiftly and effectively meet the needs of your clients/guests/customers. What better way to address this than the incoming telephone call? They are contacting YOU. They are looking to YOUR organization to fulfill their purchasing desires. 

As a retailer, you have every opportunity to satisfy the customer’s need while securing a client for future business. Customer service is what solidly anchors your business in today’s sea of volatility.

Improve Call Handling and Eliminate
Training Time

STRATA7’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use wireless technology is the backbone of the new breed of VoIP telephones. Take advantage of modern VoIP technology with the simplicity of programmable LED backlit line keys, on both the desk set and handsets. Handling multiple calls is effortless. Smoothly answer, transfer and/or place a call on hold with the simple press of a button. No need to enter into the VoIP phone’s clumsy and complex software menu. Minimal employee training is required, it is a very intuitive system.

The ability to quickly answer calls, place calls on hold and resume calls on any phone at the touch of a button will increase productivity of your work force while shortening response times for customer needs. Additionally, the intercom / paging feature allows employees to quickly connect seamlessly to provide responsive customer service.

Satisfy the customer, secure the client. That’s how you unify your communication.

STRATA7 for Retail Businesses

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