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Reviewing the Laws

Law Offices

Build your Law Practice on STRATA7 Technologies.

Manage up to 4 client calls simultaneously - without sending any of them to voicemail. With handsets and options to fit any team or any law office environment, STRATA7 offers solutions which will empower your legal team in this evolving marketplace.

Introduce a responsive and resilient communications solution to turn every call into a productive experience for both your clients and your practice team.

Consults & Appointments

Configurable to route calls to specific options or recordings - calls are automatically received here first - with 24/7 reliability.

Invoicing & Time Tracking

Receive essential calls to billing and invoicing professionals on dedicated handsets or mobile devices. Calls are forwarded automatically. Call reporting is handled automatically.

Client Questions

Route specific options to a team member at your front desk or back office extension. AutoAttendant handles all routing.

CLIO CRM Integration

With our STRATA7 CRM Integration and CLIO, you can integrate your phone system and CRM, increasing productivity and improving client experience with every call.


Law Offices

For attorneys and firms, security and reporting are critical functions in your IT strategy. STRATA7 offers a customized suite of technology tools to support more of your activity with less up-front investment.

STRATA7 for Law Offices

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