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Field Sales

For Sales Teams and Field Technicians,
There's STRATA7 connectivity. 

STRATA7 provides a complete solution for sales team and field technician communications with our integrated technology services. Keep your customers within your company, and protect the data you've rightfully acquired secure if your team members leave your organization. STRATA7 protects your data, protects your employees, and elevates your security to keep your business running smoothly.

Protect your Customer List


When the time comes for an employee to leave their position, your company retains all your customer contacts, call records, and text messages. You own your company emails…why not own all your communications records too?


Protect your Employees’ Privacy


Because your employee always uses their work number when contacting your prospects and clients, their privacy is always protected!


Reduce Operating Expense


With the STRATA7 Mobile App loaded onto an employee mobile device, you no longer need the expense of a separate work and personal cell phone anymore. Your employees remain connected to the company phone system and will become more productive and efficient whether they are in or out of the office. 

STRATA7 for Field Sales

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