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Commercial Real Estate

Now is the time for your business reinvention.

Work with our skilled team to build a customized solution for your office or facility. STRATA7 offers a suite of communications technologies to support your unique business requirements.

STRATA7 for Commercial Real Estate

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Business Voice Solutions

Wired, wireless, and mobile VoIP phone systems, CRM integration, and video/audio conferencing

Guest & Business WiFi

Secure and discreet WiFi networks for guests and password-protected internal users - with ongoing support

Email & Collaboration Platform

Office 365 licensing including business-grade email and applications (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.), with Microsoft Teams integration standard

PrivateNetworks & Servers

Custom server build-outs capable of hosting your desired software, hardware procurement, and more

Network Cabling

Best practice hardwire of as many devices as possible (servers, workstations, POS systems, wireless access points, printers, and more)

Outsourced End-User Support

Our Help Desk support team can provide remote services for most end-user workstation related issues, server support and network equipment troubleshooting

Business Network Security

Secure firewall at each location to keep the network secured, as well as VPN and QoS Management

Network Switches

Managed procurement, setup, installation, and support if needed for simple and complex networks

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