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Learn how we can integrate with your current Dealer Management System to streamline your operations.


STRATA7 understands that every call counts in your dealership. Our certified partners can custom design a solution for you. We integrate with CRMs such as VinSolutions and DealerSocket to help your staff capture every opportunity quickly and efficiently. Our STRATA7 call reporting features allow you to understand the experience your clients are receiving and how your staff is utilizing those interactions. With Auto Attendants and customized call flows, we can assure that your clients are routed quickly and to the correct departments. With our mobile and desktop clients, your staff is no longer restricted to their desks for phone calls. They can also host virtual test drives with the mobile application on their cell phone or tablet.  Anywhere, Anytime!  

Collision &
Repair Shops

Collision and Repair is a vital department of any dealership. STRATA7’s trusted partners can help you integrate your communications throughout the dealership. We can integrate into your paging system so that in loud environments, announcements still can be heard. We also offer ruggedized wireless phones to help ensure less damage. Our mobile application will allow your staff to have their desk phone in their hands wherever they go. Never miss a call from the insurance adjusters again!

STRATA7 for Automotive

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